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2010 Projects

Title: Cabell Huntington Hospital WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/CabellHuntington/CabellHuntington.html

Contact Person:  Molly Sarver, molly.sarver@chhi.org

Title: Camden Clark Memorial Hospital WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/camdenclark/camdenclark1.wmv

Contact Person:  Teena Perine, tperine@ccmh.org

Title: CAMC WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/CAMC2011/CAMC.wmv

Contact Person:  Sandy Barill, sandra.barill@camc.org

Title: Minnie Hamilton Health Systems WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/MinnieHamilton2011/MinnieHamilton.htm

Contact Person:  Kim Houchin, khouchin@mhhcc.com

Title:  Preston Memorial Hospital WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/Preston/Preston.html

Contact Person:  Terrie Roth, troth@prestonmemorial.org 

Title:  River Park Hospital WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/RiverPark/RiverPark.wmv

Contact Person: Chris Whitt, chris.whitt@psysolutions.com

Title:  Roane General Hospital WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/RoaneGeneral/RoaneGeneral.html

Contact Person: Ramonia McCann, remccann@rghwv.org

Title:  St. Mary's School of Nursing WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/StMarys2011/StMarys.wmv

Contact Person:  April Copley, acopley@st-marys.org

Title:  William R. Sharpe, Jr. Hospital WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/Sharpe/Sharpe.html

Contact Person:  Thalia Fisher, thalia.l.fisher@wv.gov

Title: WVU Hospitals WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/WVUHeathcare/WVUHeathcare.html

Contact Person:  Judy Rockwood, rockwoodj@wvuh.com

Title:  WVU School of Nursing WVNLI Presentation 2010
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/WVNLI/WVUSON2011/WVUSON.html

Contact Person:  Gail VanVoorhis, gvanvoorhis@hsc.wvu.edu



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