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2009 Projects

Title: Cabell Huntington Hospital WVNLI Presentation 2009

 Contact Person: Lori Blackburn, lori.blackburn@chhi.org  and Nathaniel Collins, nathaniel.collins@chhi.org

Title: CAMC WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=83fd68e8-336c-410d-b524-18a4f7c9c78f

Contact Person: Sandra Barill,  sandra.barill@camc.org

Title: Camden Clark Memorial Hospital WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=20638601-7ecd-489f-b1c8-b23749cc85e2

Contact Person: Amanda Holman,   aholman@ccmh.org

Title: Peterson Rehabilitation Hospital and Geriatric Center WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=4cd44548-d7fd-4892-ae39-b0f5ae5ef7ff

Contact Person: Charlene Jones, cjones@petersonhospital.com

Title: Fairmont State University WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=3edd351e-2dab-4a76-9e97-5e80ae7bcd25

Contact Person: Vicki Kerwin, vicki.kerwin@fairmontstate.edu  

Title: Grant County Nursing Home WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=95cdc983-8804-4126-ab8c-e77b10bef341

Contact Person: Susan Rogers, RN, BSN, DON, gcnhadon@ citlink.net  

Title: St Joseph's Hospital of Buckhannon WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=774a66a4-030c-42d2-9b27-c90fa01c1c85

Contact Person: Susan Davis, susan.davis@stj.net and Kevin Stingo, kevin.stingo@stj.net

Title: St. Francis Hospital WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=8e74f99b-a857-4bf2-8694-cae0e85841ae

Contact Person: Amy Cambell, Amy.compbell@stfh.net and Selina Clendenin, Selina.clendenin@stfh.net

Title: St Mary's SON WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=44fe671b-1c36-49c6-bc95-8e06a7852277

Contact Person: Cheyrl Budd, cbudd@st-marys.org

Title: Minnie Hamilton Health Systems WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=c3882086-79bd-438d-bc57-44d54ede62b8

Contact Person: Kim Houchin, khouchin@mhhcc.com

Title: St. Mary's Medical Center WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=e880a7b0-ae10-47aa-acfd-8e4806bd3753

Contact Person: Leigh Allen, lallen@st-marys.org

Title: WV DHHR Boone/Mason WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=632de9eb-ef80-4386-8eb2-b809b95b0a90

Contact Person: Julie Miller, julie.z.miller@wv.gov

Title: WVU Hospitals WVNLI Presentation 2009
Link: http://msl.hsc.wvu.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=8122ffd9-20a5-488a-b279-3212f4791e0c

Contact Person: Samantha Richards, richardssa@wvuhealthcare.com


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