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The mission of the West Virginia Nursing Leadership Institute Team Development Program is to prepare teams of nurses to effectively lead transformation in their organizations, communities and beyond.


Teamwork has positive effects in healthcare organizations, especially in quality and safety of care. This includes reducing medical errors, improving quality of patient care, addressing workload issues, building cohesion, and reducing burnout of health care professionals. Improved communication, partnerships, clarity on the role of all health care providers, improved coordination of health care services, and high satisfaction for health care providers and patients are outcomes of effective teamwork. Nurses who possess team work and leadership skills are sought for advancements in their career, enhancing their satisfaction, and influencing retention in the workplace.
As the number of health care errors has risen in the US, so has interest in the development of care delivery processes that minimize the potential for error. Among the strategies proposed by experts are the creation, training and support of highly developed teams. With a nursing shortage threatening the quality of patient care, and currently being felt in all sectors of West Virginia health care, investment in team leadership and effectiveness skills is essential. For this reason, the West Virginia University School of Nursing—Charleston Division and the Charleston Area Medical Center Health Education and Research Institute have collaborated to develop the West Virginia Nursing Leadership InstituteTeam Development Program to provide training in team leadership and effectiveness to teams of nurses from across West Virginia. Teams engaged in this 12 month program will develop team leadership skills to shape the future of health care in their organizations and beyond.

The 12 month program allows team members to remain in their current positions, while gaining the experiences, insights, networking, competencies and skill enhancements necessary to effectively lead teams in the workplace and community.

The Program

The highly interactive Institute includes opportunities for teams to build and utilize team development and leadership skills including:

*Building and maintaining effective teams

*Motivating and developing others and giving feedback

*Organizational analysis

*Strategizing, communicating with others, and planning

*Managing change

*Negotiation and conflict resolution

*Decision making

*Team focus and problem solving

*Measuring effectiveness through metrics

Teams of 3-4 nurses from each organization will attend four intensive 2 day seminars in Charleston. Intersession work includes web based assignments and team leadership projects designed to offer solutions to challenges within the home organization. Teams will receive ongoing support and mentorship from sponsors from the home organization and Institute faculty.

Eligibility Criteria

The program is open to teams of 3-4 registered nurses who work in any rural or urban health care agency, including hospitals, long term care organizations, public health departments, primary care clinics, and schools of nursing. Ideal candidates are those teams who warrant investment by the employing agency because of their potential to impact change in their home organization.

Selection Criteria

Teams will be selected based on the following criteria, as demonstrated in the application materials:

*A strong commitment to developing as a team in health care

*A desire to exert a profound impact on the emerging health care system through teamwork

*Demonstrated potential to impact change in the home organization through identification of an issue that could benefit from team work

*Commitment by the employing agency to empower the team and it’s work to impact change in the nursing care environment, to provide a team sponsor to facilitate the work of the team in the organization, and to support measurement of the results of the team’s initiatives

Organizational Commitment

Applicant teams must provide a letter of commitment from the CEO or board chairperson/director of their employing organization to provide:

*Tuition Fee ($500.00 per participant for the 12 month program) which includes all program assessments, materials, meals at onsite sessions, CE credits, and team consultations with expert team development consultants.

*Compensation and release time to attend program seminars and activities

*Reimbursement for in-state travel and lodging for the four on site seminars

*Opportunities to impact change in the nursing care environment

*Provision of a team sponsor to facilitate the work of the team in the organization

*Support for the measurement of results of the team’s initiatives

How to Apply

Instructions and application materials may be downloaded from the WVNLI website: wvnli.org

For assistance or questions, please call the West Virginia Nursing Leadership Institute at (304) 347-1207 or toll-free at 1-866-882-6270, or by e-mail at wvnli@hsc.wvu.edu

Application Form Download and Completion Instructions Page

Application deadline:
Applications process is currently closed

Application submission:
Applications must be emailed to Dr. Cynthia Persily, Program Director at: wvnli@hsc.wvu.edu

The program is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Partners Investing in Nursing's Future and local funding partners (through the provision of matching funds) include The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation,  the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, the Charleston Area Medical Center, the West Virginia University School of Nursing-Charleston Division, the West Virginia Center for Nursing, the Arthur B. Hodges Geriatric Education Endowment, the Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellows Alumni Association, and local health care organizations.

Program Director
Cynthia Armstrong Persily PhD, RN, FAAN

Cynthia Persily PhD, RN, FAAN is currently Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, at the West Virginia University School of Nursing. She is also Professor and Chairperson for the Charleston Division of the School of Nursing. Persily serves as Executive Director of the West Virginia Nursing Leadership Institute, a partnership between the WVU School of Nursing-Charleston Division and the CAMC Institute designed to develop teams of nurses to provide leadership in a changing health care environment. Dr. Persily serves as the Deputy Director of the WV Rural Health Research Center, a HRSA funded center studying environmental impact on health outcomes. Dr. Persily is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing. Dr. Persily was honored to be named a Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellow in 2001. She holds a BSN from East Stroudsburg University, and a MSN and PhD in Nursing and Health and Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.

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