Individual Leadership Development Program - Projects

Nurse Recruitment and Retention Individual Projects: Cohort 4

Nurse Shadowing Program for Berkeley County High School Students – Emily Baker

Recruitment and Retention of Registered Nurses at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital – Melissa Bennett, Beth Carter, Shelley Harris

Engaging the Next Generation of Nurses by Utilizing Unit-Based Web Pages for Recruitment at West Virginia University Hospitals – Christine Daniels

Clinical Career Ladder - Stacie Ann Doss

Updating Hospital's Web Page for Nursing – Michelle Hall, Julie Herdman, Heather Kirk

Research Collaboration and Faculty Mentoring Project – Lisa Hardman, Nannette VanDyke-McDonald

Orientation Plan on Mother/Baby - Kelly Harrison

Nurse Retention Program at Wheeling Hospital – Darla Kuri

Promoting Medical Surgical Nursing - Marlene Martin, Janet Shrewsbury

DVD Production “We Are Public Health” – Julie Miller

CAMC Mentorship Program – Tara Miller, Alicia Harper, Deanna Richards

Medical Surgical Certification - Mary Elizabeth Mitchell

Improving the Retention of Newly Hired Nurses - Barbara J. Neal

Wetzel County Hospital Rapid Response Team - Arlene Summers

How to retain nurses at Lincoln Primary Care Center - Amanda Jill Thompson

The Development of an Oncology Nursing Education Curriculum at CAMC – Billie JoThomas

Development of Leadership tracks within the WVU School of Nursing Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs - Kari Sand-Jecklin

St. Mary's School of Nursing Recruitment Enhancement – Linda Peake


Nurse Recruitment and Retention Individual Projects: Cohort 3

Retention of Nurse Managers Within My Organization

Sharon Alexander
Leadership Development Course Bonnie Allen

Success Factors for the RN in the First Year of Nursing

Beth Anderson
Nurse-Physician Relationships: Impact on Nurse Satisfaction and Retention Jacqueline Atkins
Faculty Mentoring Deborah Bridgewater

Promoting Self-Governance In Employees By Enhancing Their Leadership Skills

Susan Davis

Improving Job Satisfaction In The Emergency Department at Camden Clark Memorial Hospital

Fred Ervin
Valuing the Experienced Perioperative Registered Nurse Cheryl Evans-Woods
Magnifying Strategies to Retain Wisdom Workers in the Nursing Workforce at WVUH Deborah Falconi
Mary Fanning
Nurse Mentor Program Lydia Gibson
Braxton County Memorial Hospital Nurse Mentor Program Amy Gray
Nurse Mentorship Program Lisa Harden
Leadership Development for RN’s at Princeton Community Hospital Tina Hearld
Improving West Virginia Collegiate Nursing Faculty Recruitment and Retention by Salary Enhancement Kelli Kirk
Who’s Managing Who Christie Law
Cabell Huntington Hospital Recruitment and Retention Denzella Letcher
Retention of the Aging Nursing Workforce Bing Murphy
Development of a Mountain State University Nursing Honor Society Kellie Riffe-Snyder
Recruitment and Retention Project Patricia Ross
Improving Nurse/Physician Relationships Susan Russel
Critical Care Internship – ICU Anne Smith
Recruitment of Nurse Externs into the Clinical Resource Department at CAMC Memorial Division Jeanna Stowers
The Nurses Nurse Daniel Thomas
Marcella Will
Thirty Minute Thank You Vanessa Thomas
Improving Workplace Culture to Benefit Recruitment and Retention of Direct Service Professionals (DSP) at ICF I/DD Facilities Leah Yoder
Empowering Nurses Through Shared Governance at Charleston Area Medical Center Deborah Young
Nurse Recruitment and Retention Projects: Cohort 2
The Retreat Room Jeanette Adkins
Nursing Recruitment and Retention at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital

Tom Arnold
Deanna Boothe
Angela Hupp
Jeannie Morris
Lea Ann Steele
Cathy Stegner

Repairing Nursing’s Professional Image Kim Auten
Vickie Litman

Renee Tarovisky
Orientation Program for Graduate Nurses in Critical Care Charlotte Bennett
Jerry Yoho
Instituting a Shared Governance Model Elizabeth Bosley
Christy Franklin
Strategies for Recruiting Nursing Staff for Reynolds Memorial Hospital Terri Burgy
Using Nurse Externship as a Nursing Recruitment and Retention Project Julie Carr
Improving Unit Morale Through Environmental Changes Jill Ennis
Grow Your Own Debbie Hennen

Improving the Retention of Nursing Staff on the NICU

Lisa Hoffman
Nancy Marcus
Develop An Advertisement DVD for Recruitment at Jackson General Hospital Karen Hoschar
Student Nurse Retention Project Monica Kennison
Saving the Mid-level Manager by Channeling Negative Energy To Positive Energy Joanne Liptock
Impact of Nurse Managers on Recruitment and Retention Kathleen Murphy
Recognition Program, Excellence in Nursing Duane Napier
Reducing the Impact of School Nurse Peer Isolation Karen Northrup
The Retention and Recruitment of Nurses in a Rural Setting Mary Shannon Smith
WVUH Nursing Retention Analysis and Education Christy Whetsell
Nurse Recruitment and Retention Projects: Cohort 1
Reducing the Impact of School Nurse Peer Isolation Teresa Bayer
Training, Retaining and Recruiting Nurse Managers Lynn Bentley
The Practice of Shared Governance at Charleston Area Medical Center Janet Caruthers
Second Degree BSN Program Track Laura Clayton
Recruitment and Retention of College Nursing Faculty Peggy Lambert Fink
Grow your own: A rural hospital’s solution to the nursing shortage Kim Houchin
Nurses Climbing Higher at Roane General Hospital Sheryl Sergent
Recruitment and Retention of Nurse Managers Rosemary Smith
Retention of Older, Mature Nurses through Environmental Changes to Reduce Physical and Mental Stressors Denise Sneed
Shannon Davis
Empowering Nurses for Public Health Jennifer Walls
Expanding Nursing Education Opportunities in the Kanawha Valley: A Non-Traditional BSN Progression Plan Melanie Whelan
Keeping Nurses from Leaving Long-Term Care Michelle Winters
Emotional Intelligence - Coaching on Communication Mary Lynne Withrow
CAMC Manager Orientation Noel Young-Hodge





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