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Application Instructions

Application process is currently closed

 Download Application and Completion Instructions

(You will be required to have at least Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher to fill out form and save data.
To download click here)

The WVNLI Application must be emailed to the WVNLI at the following email address: WVNLI@hsc.wvu.edu

A letter of commitment from the organization’s Board Chairperson or CEO/CNO is a required part of the application (see application form). This signed letter may be scanned and emailed to the WVNLI. Alternatively, it can be mailed directly to the West Virginia Nursing Leadership Institute at the following address: Room 2016, 3110 MacCorkle Ave, SE, Charleston, WV 25304.

To start the application process, the CNO must download the application or designate one team memeber to download application . Each organization sponsoring a team(s) will submit ONE APPLICATION PER TEAM. Specific instructions can be found below for completing and emailing this application to the WVNLI.

  1. Download and open the application file.

  2. Go to the Toolbar and click “File”, click “Save As”, and in the “Save in” box select “Desktop” in the drop down menu.  In the “File Name” box, type WVNLI Application  and Your Organization’s Name.For example: “WVNLI Application – Bethesda Naval Hospital”. 

  3. Click “SAVE” and close out of Acrobat Reader.

  4. Before starting to enter your responses, make sure that you are on the 1st page of the application (when 1st opened from the website, the application should automatically default to the 1st page).  You will be able to click in each field to enter your response.

  5. Team Sponsor: One dimension of effective team work and leadership is the development and use of a team sponsor. The WVNLI has included such a dimension in its program structure. It is the team’s responsibility to develop the team sponsor relationship. The sponsor’s role is to assist your team to figure out how to navigate the system in which your team needs to implement their project.

  6.  VERY IMPORTANT – The application will not save on its own. Once you enter all of your responses you will need to click “SAVE”.  Your responses will be saved to the application on your desktop.  Once you save the application, close out of Acrobat Reader and go to the desktop and open the file again to make sure that all of your responses were saved.

  7. If multiple users are completing various sections of your instution’s
    application, each user should follow these instructions until the application is completed. The CNO is requested to submit the final application by email to the WVNLI.


If you have any questions about completing or submitting the WVNLI Application, please contact Christine Hansbarger, BSN, RN, Program Coordinator at WVNLI@hsc.wvu.edu or call
(304) 347-1207.


 Download Application and Completion Instructions

(You will be required to have at least Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher to fill out form and save data.
To download click here)



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An Introduction to the WVNLI Team Leadership Development Program: Key Points for Organizations Considering Application

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