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Researcher Spotlight

Bryan K. Richmond, MD, MBA, FACS
Professor of Surgery
Section Chief – General Surgery
West Virginia University/Charleston Division
Charleston, WV

    • Tell us a little about your background.

    I’m a native of WV, born and raised in Beckley. I attended Marshall University as a John Marshall Scholar and earned a bachelor’s in chemistry, and then attended WVU School of Medicine where I have earned an MD and later, an MBA.

    • What sparked your interest in research?

    I’ve always been interested in the scientific method, but what I found most exciting was the trend that began several years ago in which the pendulum began to swing away from pure laboratory “bench” research and more toward outcomes based or translational research which was immediately relevant and beneficial to patients.

    • What are you hoping to learn from your research?

    My area of interest is in the area of functional biliary disorders – specifically biliary dyskinesia. This is a condition that is commonly treated surgically, but with little high quality data to support a surgical approach. We hope to more clearly define which patients will benefit from surgery for this condition.

    • How can your research change current practices?

    By clarifying the role of surgery in patients with biliary dyskinesia, we will define, for the first time, an evidence based algorithm for treating this commonly diagnosed condition.

    • What motivates you to come to work every day?

    I love what I do and I have the privilege of doing it in an environment and within a culture that supports me in my efforts. That is a rare find these days.

    • What is your favorite thing about West Virginia?

    Despite the socioeconomic challenges we face in WV, our people are some of the best hearted and genuine people you’ll ever meet.

    • How do you spend your free time?

    My wife and I love food and travel. I enjoy watching my kids’ activities as well. I’m also a huge movie buff.

    • What is your favorite genre of music?

    All of them except country!



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