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The vital role of research

“We do a lot of research at the cancer center with all varieties of cancer: lung, breast, colon, lymphomas, leukemia,” said Steven
Jubelirer, MD, CAMC oncologist and senior scientist of the CAMC Institute.

Jubelirer explained that in addition to industry-sponsored studies to research diagnoses, drug therapies and molecular markers to predict treatment response, CAMC also works in tandem with the National Cancer Institute. But looking ahead is only one component of research that’s necessary in treating cancer and delivering good outcomes... "The research is non-stop.",
said Jubelirer.      - Excerpt from CAMC Today

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For over 40 years, Charleston Area Medical Center has partnered with WVU-Charleston Division and is proud to collaborate on research to improve the lives of the people living in our local and surrounding communities. The CAMC Health Education and Research Institute, Inc., also known as the CAMC Institute, is a subsidy of Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC).  CAMC Institute provides continuing medical education to students and residents training at CAMC, health information to the community through the Health Information Center, and research support to physicians and allied medical health professionals. 

CAMC’s status as a teaching hospital helps the institution to remain at the forefront of top quality care and innovative research.  Many of those in practice there are also faculty members of the West Virginia University Charleston Division School of Medicine.  The collaboration of Charleston Area Medical Center and West Virginia University in this effort is multi-faceted. Patients benefit from a synergy of resources that provide excellence in care. Area physicians’ ability to provide care is enhanced by the educational and consulting services available and new physicians are trained to provide outstanding, comprehensive health care while contributing to the scientific basis of medicine.

A commitment to medical research is one of the CAMC / WVU affiliation’s defining strengths.  The knowledge generated by this important exploration yields the groundwork for tomorrow's most promising clinical applications. Research focuses on preventing diseases (preventative healthcare), improving patient outcomes, and evaluating health services (quality of care).


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