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One of the primary areas of activity is part-task trainer capabilities that focus on specific skill tasks. The following list is our more popular trainers:

Lumbar Puncture Trainer – The Lumber vertebrae, iliac crest, spinous process, ligamentum flavum, the epidural space and dura; gluteal fold and a fluid filled compartment for simulated cerebrospinal fluid.  Skills learned: Practice Lumbar Puncture, Practice spinal and epidural injections

TraumaMan© System - The most widely used surgical simulator in the world. Often used in ATLS, military, EMS, other trauma surgery and emergency life support simulations. Skills Learned: Chest Tube Insertion, Cricothyroidotomy, Needle Decompression, Tracheostomy, Pericardiocentesis, Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage. TraumaChild is also available.

CentraLineMan Trainer – Our central venous catheterization training solution. This flexible system offers rigorous training to reduce patient complications from CVC insertion. Skills Learned: Full Guided CVC using Ultrasound or Blind

Laerdal© Airway Management Trainer - The skills trainer for adult airway management, education and training. Skills Learned: Oral/Nasal Intubation, LMA/Combitube©, Bag-Valve-Mask ventilation

Sonosim Ultrasound Trainer -  The most comprehensive and easy to use ultrasound training solution available. Skills Learned: Ultrasound guided Procedures, venous access, subclavian vein cannulation, femoral line placement and many more

Surgical Science’s LapSim System – VR Training System for Laparoscopy. Skills Learned: Laparoscopic Surgery

Intraosseous Infusion Simulator - Designed to demonstrate and simulate the intraosseous infusion procedure. Skills Learned: IO Placement & Procedure

Arrow© EZ-IO© Drill – Tool used to provide fast vascular access to deliver essential medications and fluids. Skills Learned:  IO Placement & Procedure

Wrist Joint Injection  – Used for practicing soft tissue joint injection for treatment of injuries and arthritis in wrist. Skills Learned: Identifying anatomical landmarks and injection sites.

AirSim – A difficult airway trainer. Skills Learned: Intubation on difficult airways 

Prompt Birthing Trainer – Measure force applied to baby during delivery. Skills Learned: Various delivery methods

Paracentesis Ultrasound Trainer – Development of the psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound guided paracentesis procedures. Skills Learned: Ultrasound Skills, Paracentesis Procedure

Prostate Exam Trainer - Learn techniques of prostate examination with no harm or embarrassment to real patients. Skills Learned: Exam procedure, Recognize benign and cancerous glands.

Elbow Joint Injection - Used for practicing soft tissue joint injection for treatment of injuries and arthritis in elbow. Skills Learned: Identifying anatomical landmarks and injection sites.

Shoulder Joint Injection - - Used for practicing soft tissue joint injection for treatment of injuries and arthritis in shoulder. Skills Learned: Identifying anatomical landmarks and injection sites.

Aspiration Knee - Adult knee model for injection and aspiration of synovial fluid from the knee joint.

Midscapular Thoracentesis Trainer - specifically designed for ultrasound guided thoracentesis procedures

Vascular Access Child - Pediatric simulator designed to be an effective ultrasound-guided solution for central line placement.

Female Cath Sim - Allow demonstration and practice in urinary catheterization on a female patient without embarrassment or discomfort.

Male Cath Sim - Allow demonstration and practice in urinary catheterization on a male patient without embarrassment or discomfort.

“Surgical Sally” Bandaging Sim - Ideal for teaching wound management skills, dressing changes, and bandaging techniques.

Infant Airway Trainer – Trainer for teaching and practicing basic and advanced airway management skills in infant patients. Skills Learned: Infant Airway Management

Peter PICC Line - Upper torso model with right arm designed for practicing insertion, care, and removal of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Lines.

Ostomy Care Simulator - Designed to help introduce the essentials of ostomy care to patients and students. Skills Learned: Colostomy, Ileostomy and dilation of stomas.

Geri/Keri Manikin – Full sized low-fidelity manikin that simulates over 35 nursing and medical procedures. Skills learned: Patient Care

Sigmoidoscopic Simulator - This simulator is available on a solid oak stand complete with lubricant, guide, and carrying case. Skills Learned: Diagnose 12 pathological conditions.

Spinal Injection Simulator - Allows realistic demonstration and practice of all spinal injections. Skills Learned: spinal anesthesia, spinal tap, epidural analgesia, caudal analgesia, sacral nerve block, and lumbar sympathetic block.

FLS Supply Box - Develop of psychomotor skills and dexterity required during the performance of basic laparoscopic surgery. Skills Learned: Fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery

Infant Tracheostomy Care Simulator - Used to teach parents and caregivers basic tracheostomy care skills. Skills Learned: tracheostomy care

Ear Exam Trainer - simulator makes it possible to practice examination of the human ear. Skills Learned: Recognize normal and abnormal human ear.

Baby Umbi - was designed for the practice of umbilical catheterization and is a reproduction of a female newborn infant. Skills Learned: Infant catheterization.

BSS Trainer Kit - Basic surgical skills kit facilitating the practice of a range of tissue handling techniques. Skills Learned: Knot tying, suturing techniques, Tissue Handling, LA techniques

Kyoto Kagaku Arterial Puncture Wrist – Practice radial artery puncture, a common approach for blood collection and artery catheterization. Skills Learned: Artery Puncture, Hands on feel.


         *Please note this list is not comprehensive.





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