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The CAMC Patient Simulation Center features simulators from the Laerdal Corporation, Gaumard Scientific and the Center for Research in Medical Education. Some of our hi-fidelity manikins include:


SimMan 3G© – The easy to use advanced patient simulator by the Laerdal Corporation. Our 3G’s are controlled with the LLEAP software and each have a variety of different features, including heart and breath sounds, automatic secretions, quality CPR feedback, seizures and even blinking.


Classic SimMan© – This reliable simulator is also controlled with the LLEAP software, is created by the Laerdal Corporation and offers comprehensive clinical functionality to teach the core skills of airway, breathing, cardiac and circulation management.


SimJunior is an interactive pediatric simulator, designed by Laerdal with the American Academy of Pediatrics to meet the education and training needs of healthcare providers.


SimBaby©- Our advanced infant patient simulator by Laerdal is for team training- for routine care to critical emergencies. SimBaby has all the features of our classic simman plus a few extra.


Pediatric Hal© – This pediatric simulator by Guamard is fully responsive, wireless and has a long list of extra features. He is controlled with his own software on a computer or a mobile tablet.


SimNewb© - This interactive simulator has been designed by Laerdal and the American Acadamy of Pediatrics. This manikin is helpful for NRP instruction and has realistic traits and lifelike clinical feedback. We like to keep our SimNewb mobile in it’s own isolete.


SimMom© - Our state of the art birthing simulator is also controlled with the LLEAP software. She is extremely useful in obstetric training of birth management. She can give birth manually or on automatic mode and simulate a variety of different complications.


Harvey© – The Cardiopulmonary Simulator. This manikin can simulate up to 30 different cardiac diseases. He is complete with heart sounds, breath sounds and pulses. Harvey is often seen in a cardiologist’s classroom.


MegaCode Kid – Another of our realistic pediatric manikins. While normally used as a static simulator, he has a wide range of abilities. Features include drug administration, IO infusion and a realistic airway.






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