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CAMC Health Information Center
Health Questions?
Contact the Health Information Center at: 1-888- HEALTHY (toll free) or 
(304) 388-9645

You may email your questions to:


The CAMC Health Information Center is affiliated with the CAMC Institute which is part of the CAMC Health System.

The CAMC Health Information Center does not provide medical care or advice. The information obtained from the center is for your information and not a substitute or replacement for your health care provider or the advice that they give you.

Heart Health
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CAMC Cardiac Services
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CAMC is home to one of the top heart centers in the nation, performing close to 1,500 open-heart bypass procedures and 8,600 cardiac catheterizations per year. There are 13 thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons and 36 cardiologists practicing here.

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3200 MacCorkle Ave. SE
Charleston, WV 25304

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