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CAMC Health Information Center
Health Questions?
Contact the Health Information Center at: 1-888- HEALTHY (toll free) or 
(304) 388-9645

You may email your questions to:


The CAMC Health Information Center is affiliated with the CAMC Institute which is part of the CAMC Health System.

The CAMC Health Information Center does not provide medical care or advice. The information obtained from the center is for your information and not a substitute or replacement for your health care provider or the advice that they give you.

Pregnancy and Childbirth
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Pregnancy Basics
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Family Resource Center
More Information

The Family Resource Center, conveniently located adjacent to CAMC Women and Children's Hospital, provides many resources for first-time parents or parents who would like a refresher course when having another child.  To learn more about childbirth education or other classes to welcome your new baby or meet other family needs
Call (304) 388-2545

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Women’s Medicine Center

Are you a female who has not established a relationship with an Ob/Gyn physician? The Women’s Medicine Center is a physician’s office, located on the first floor of CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital, staffed by medical residents under the direct supervision of a board-certified Ob/Gyn physician. The office can see you for routine gynecology visits, schedule surgical procedures or, if you are pregnant, they will see you for prenatal visits, delivery and follow-up visits after delivery.  To schedule an appointment or if you have questions,
Call (304) 388-9677

Daily Feature Videos

Health E-Classroom
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arrowGetting Started Breastfeeding arrowAdvice for the Childbirth Partner
arrowCar Seat Safety arrowWhy Should I Breastfeed?
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If you are using or have used alcohol or drugs during your pregnancy, this online booklet can help provide you with very important information for you and your newborn or unborn baby. Drugs are very bad for your baby and can cause serious problems during and after delivery. There are many resources available to help you come clean and stay clean. Do it for your baby.


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