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  • Sponsors and CROs

    Thank you for your interest in the CAMC Clinical Trials Center.  Located in Charleston, WV the Clinical Trials Center strives to provide you with rapid enrollment while maintaining a dedication to retention and quality control. We are a dedicated research center for the largest specialty health system in the state. We recruit our research patients/volunteers from over a one hundred and fifty mile radius.
    We regularly receive feedback from our sponsors and CROs on how pleased they are to work with our center and commitment to work with us again on future research opportunities. 

    Monitors enjoy working with our center and will recommend us for future trials. Some of the areas the Monitors have expressed their satisfaction:

    - Close location to airport
    - Ease and flexibility of scheduling site visits
    - Attention and focus they receive with the coordinators and Investigators
    - Efficiency and preparedness of study documents and organization of materials when they arrive
    - Comfortable monitoring stations and access to equipment
    - Timely responses from staff and Investigators with inquiries and request Monitor feedback frequently contains comments that our coordination and regulatory processes enable their visits to be more efficient and less time consuming.

    We demonstrate our strong commitment to quality research through SOP and protocol adherence, compliance to the International Conference of Harmonization Good Clinical Practices (ICH-GCPs), and compliance to the United States Administrative Law (Code of Federal Regulations or CFR) governing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

   CAMC Clinical Trials Center - 3100 MacCorkle Avenue S.E., Suite 806, Charleston, West Virginia 25304
   (304) 388-9944 Phone |  (304) 388-9935 FAX


CAMC Health Education and Research Institute, Inc.
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