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Who Can Participate?

Anyone who wishes to be a part of a research study and meets the eligibility criteria for it can participate. Before you can enroll in a research study, you will  first review a comprehensive written description of the study, discuss it with the study staff and study physician, have your questions answered, and provide informed consent. The description of the study lays out what the intent of the study is, how long it will last, what medical procedures will be performed, what benefits and risk those participating will incur, and your rights as a research patient/volunteer.  

Your rights as a research patient/volunteer are:

• To be told the purpose of the clinical trial
• To be told all the risks, side effects or discomforts that might be reasonably expected
• To be told of any benefits that can be reasonably expected
• To be told what will happen in the study and whether any procedures, drugs or devices are different than those    that are used as standard medical treatment
• To be told about options available and how they may be better or worse than being in a clinical trial
• To be allowed to ask any questions about the trial before giving consent and at any time during the course of    the study
• To be allowed ample time, without pressure, to decide whether to consent or not to consent to participate
• To refuse to participate, for any reason, before and after the trial has started and know that it will not affect your    standard treatment or relationship with your physician
• To receive a signed and dated copy of the informed consent form
• To be told of any medical treatments available if complications occur during the trial

To find out if you may qualify for one of our clinical trials or to submit your interest for upcoming clinical trials, please contact us at 304-388-9944.   

Make a difference. Volunteer and participate today.

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