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Why Participate?

Most individuals need a medical treatment for an illness some time in their life. These treatments are available because  people volunteered to take part in clinical trials. Volunteers are essential in developing new and better medications and medical devices. We all benefit from their participation. In the same way that someone helped to develop medical procedures that benefit us, we can help with the development of tomorrow’s treatments by being a volunteer.

Research patients/volunteers will help CAMC with our mission of striving to provide the best health care to every patient, every day. There are good reasons why people volunteer to participate in clinical trials. Some of these include:

        - Opportunity to help others and by participating contribute to the advancement in discovery of    treatments, cures,improvements, and preventions for certain diseases or medical conditions 
        -  Access to new treatments before they become widely available- They have exhausted standard    (approved) treatment options which either did not work for them, or they were unable to tolerate    certain side effects. Clinical trials may provide another option when standard therapy has failed
        -  Have additional care and attention from the clinical trial study team
        -  Ability to play a more active role in your own healthcare
        -  Access to free physical examinations and diagnostic tests related to the clinical study
        -  Potential compensation for time and travel related to the clinical study

To find out if you may qualify for one of our clinical trials or to submit your interest for upcoming clinical trials, please contact us at 304-388-9944. 

Make a difference. Volunteer and participate today.

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