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About Our Clinical Trials Center

The CAMC Clinical Trials Center provides a focused mechanism for evaluating new drugs and drug uses, new medical devices, and quality of life aspects associated with the use of these products. These studies are conducted within our own facilities as well as at hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices. The Clinical Trials Center plays an essential role in encouraging and supporting quality research in a controlled medical setting.

Our current involvement includes clinical trials of drugs and devices, prevention programs, outcomes/quality improvement, and quality of life studies. We conduct industry-sponsored funded clinical trials.

These projects have been implemented in a variety of therapeutic areas including cardiology, peripheral vascular, oncology, infectious diseases, endocrinology/metabolism, gynecology, surgery, and device development.
We are interested in conducting research that will benefit the people of West Virginia. The application of what we learn from research is vital to the improvement of the health, quality of service, and patient care throughout West Virginia.

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