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Student Services

Library facilities:
DMPNA students have access to the West Virginia University Learning Resource Center (LRC). This library is located in the same building as CAMC’s education office and classroom and is located on the campus of the Memorial hospital.
The LRC contains approximately 15,000 bound journals, 460 current journal subscriptions, and 15,000 texts in clinical medicine and related subspecialities.
The library provides Grateful Med, CINAHL, internet, and copy machines for student use. Intra-library loan services are also available. Students have access to classrooms, conference rooms, lounges and audio-visuals.
The Learning Resource Center is the library serving student, faculty and staff of the West Virginia University Health Sciences Center, whose Charleston division is located at Charleston Area Medical Center.

Education Office:
The CAMC Education Office is located in room 2041 of the Charleston Division of the West Virginia University Building, also known as the Robert C. Byrd Building.

For information about our Nurse Anesthesia Program write to:
CAMC School of Nurse Anesthesia
3110 MacCorkle Avenue SE. Room 2041
Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: 304-388-9950 | Fax: 304-388-9955


CAMC School of Nurse Anesthesia - 3110 MacCorkle Avenue S.E., Room 2041
Charleston, West Virginia 25304
(304) 388-9950 Phone |  (304) 388-9955 FAX

CAMC Health Education and Research Institute, Inc.
3110 MacCorkle Avenue, SE, Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 388-9960

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