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About Our Degree

The Doctor of Management Practice in Nurse Anesthesia (DMPNA) builds on a very successful Master of Science in Health Care Administration degree and expands it into a practice doctorate program. The DMPNA was developed jointly by the Lewis College of business and the Charleston Area medical Center Health Education and Research Institute School of Nurse Anesthesia (CAMC).

This one-of-a-kind, entry level nurse anesthesia program offers registered nurses the unique opportunity to develop their capabilities as business leaders along with their transition to advanced practice nursing. Many established nurse anesthetists believe that business acumen is a vital component of aiming toward professional perfection. 

For information about our Nurse Anesthesia Program write to:
CAMC School of Nurse Anesthesia
3110 MacCorkle Avenue SE. Room 2041
Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: 304-388-9950 | Fax: 304-388-9955


CAMC School of Nurse Anesthesia - 3110 MacCorkle Avenue S.E., Room 2041
Charleston, West Virginia 25304
(304) 388-9950 Phone |  (304) 388-9955 FAX

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